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Some of the guys at Medway submissions

Lee Johnstone and Remco Pardoel

Mick Hall, Marcello Garcia, MicK Hall and Adam Watts

More Guys From Medway Submissions

Lee Acting a Fool

Lee Johnstone and Roy Shaw

Lee And Kiaki At Gracie Academy In Torrance, California 1999

The Great John Hall

Lee and Pals From BTT in Abu Dhabi 2002

Eric Paulson and Lee 2004

Keith Dace and Lee Johnstone 1999

Lee and Royce Gracie 2009

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Lee At Abu Dhabi  2002

Russ, Ricky Elie and Lee 2004

TV Celebrity Laura Curch and Lee Johnstone

Leo, Monstro,Claudio,Leo,David,eduardo, Lee

Carl Kinslow

Ana Marie India, with Lee, Eduardo, Leo etc

leo Viera and Lee

big ash qith Mick Hall and 2 students