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Combat Sports Academy, Unit 1 Cuxton Road Industrial Estate,Cuxton Road, Strood, Kent,ME2 2BT

Anyone who trains at the Combat Sports Academy has to agree to let the coaches decide when you are ready to fight!

Regardless of it being MMA, Thai Boxing, and Boxing etc. It is up to the coaches to decide when you are ready to fight not you as an individual, if you do not like this or cannot comply to this then please leave the Academy and goto a gym where the coaches do not care about your well being or their name as a gym.

Recently we have had a few people enter mma events under their own back and this is not on and even though they were fighting as "independent fighters" we at Combat Sports Academy had our name attached to them and this is not on, we have a good reputation for winning and this is making us look silly.

The reason why we said you are not ready to fight or have not been asked to fight as you were/are not ready to fight, It may be cool to tell your pals" I fought in a cage" etc, but it is better to say oh and I won .

We are putting out fighters on many shows around the UK and EUROPE so put in the hours and train hard and represent your Academy as a team or walk on by my friend.