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Q: What does BJJ stand for?

A: BJJ stands for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Q: What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

A: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a style of fighting on the ground that incorporates control as well as submissions that place pressure on joints in order to submit an opponent.

Q: What are your academy ranking in BJJ?

A: Please  for the official BJJ rankings at Combat Sports Academy

Q: What equipment will I need to join?

A: The only thing you will need is a gi or kimono for Judo classes and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes taught in the gi. Please see the Class Schedule link for a complete listing of classes that require the gi. You will need fight shorts to the no-gi jiu jitsu classes, M.M.A. classes. It is also suggested that you wear Muay Thai shorts to the Thai / kickboxing classes.

Q: I am really out of shape, should I still join?

A: We cater to all levels. From those who wish to get in shape to those who want to compete at a professional level. Nothing can take the place of truly training, but you will be encouraged to start at a comfortable pace.

Q: How many classes can I take in a day?

A: That depends on what classes are offered on that day, but if a student wishes to show up for all the classes in one day, he or she can do so under any plan we offer.

Q: Does Lee Johnstone teach any of the classes?

A: Yes, Lee Johnstone  will be involved in teaching classes depending on his schedule with events.

Q: Can I use the facility to train on my own time?

A: Yes, a current member can use any of the facilites the gym has to offer. We only ask that if a class is scheduled and needs to use a part of the gym or certain pieces of equipment, then the scheduled class has prioirty.

Q: What if I am unsure about joining?

A: An idvidual can always come in and purchase a day pass that will give them full access to the gym and classes for the day.

Q: I am a personal trainer and would like to become a personal trainer within Combat Sports Academy. How can I become a personal trainer at Combat Sports Academy?

A: Please call the Combat Sports Academy for all the info.

Q: What is Mixed Martial Arts?

A: Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, is taking the world by storm. It is currently the world’s fastest growing combat sport. Not to be confused with a generic mixture of martial arts, MMA is a sport of its own, allowing a wide variety of fighting techniques from martial arts traditions. The rules of MMA allow the use of striking and grappling techniques, both while standing and on the ground.

MMA Techniques 

In the early years, Mixed Martial Arts includes a variety of traditional styles from sumo wrestling to kickboxing. In time, the less effective techniques were dropped. By the time it was officially launched, these martial arts styles stood out for their effectiveness in competition: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Amateur Wrestling, Shoot Wrestling and Muay Thai. This combination made fighters most effective during both striking and grappling fighting situations:

Stand-up techniques come from various forms of boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and forms of full contact karate. These improve footwork, elbowing, kicking, kneeing and puncing.

Clinch techniques use freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, Sambo and judo. These improve clinching, takedowns and throws; while Muay Thai is trained to improve the striking aspect of the clinch.

Ground techniques come from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, shoot wrestling, catch wresling, judo and Sambo. These improve submission holds and defense against them, as well as the ability to maintain ground control.

The exact MMA rules vary slightly between competitions (some allow elbow strikes, headbutts and spinal locks). However, there is a universal ban on techniques like biting, strikes to the groin, eye-gouging, fish-hooking and small joint manipulation.

Olympic Recognition

It was thought that Olympic recognition of Mixed Martial Arts would be forthcoming for the 2004 Summer Olympics, held in Athens, under the banner of the Greek martial art of pankration. However, the International Olympic Committee was unconvinced that Greece could handle the total number of sports proposed. There were no plans for an MMA medal in the Beijing 2008 Olympics; so fans of this popular combat sport are looking towards London 2012 for its debut.

Q: Is MMA for me?

A: MMA is for anyone who enjoys a challenge. It doesn't matter if you are completely new to martial arts as we cater to the individual, not an overall standard. There is low risk of injury in our classes as we are very safety conscious and sparring is not compulsory so everyone can take the training at their own pace. We cater to a vast range of students training MMA including 15 year olds, over 50 year olds and a good number of women!

Q: How do I join the Medway Submisions/Combat Sports Academy Competition Team?

A: We are constantly looking for fighters for the Medway Submisions Competition Team and it is open to anyone who wishes to compete in MMA. If you are interested, please contact lee@southernshoot.co.uk for further details. Don’t forget to write ‘Medway Submisions Competition Team ’ in the subject column.

Q: Am I too old or unfit to train?

A: No. No-one is too old or too unfit to train. As long as you are in good health you are very welcome to attend our classes. You train within your limits and can take breaks whenever you need. Our trainers are experienced individuals who can help you recognize your limitations and overcome them.

Q: Is MMA / Muay Thai training a good way to lose and control my weight?

A:Yes. Combined with a good diet, these classes will help keep you in great shape with a great level of fitness.

Q: What is Sparring? 

A: Sparring is working with a live, resisting partner. You therefore have the opportunity to test your skills and develop them under realistic conditions while minimizing the risk of injury.

Q: Can I train to fight competitively at Medway Submisions / Combat Sports Academy?

A: Absolutely! As long as you have the work ethic and the will to win, we can cultivate the fighter in you. That is what we love to do. Whether you aspire to have one amateur fight or become a professional fighter, we have the instructors, knowledge, facility and proven championship track record to make that possible.

Q: Can woman learn grapppling and Mixed Martial Arts?

A: Yes. We encourage woman to learn grappling because it is the most practical self-defense for them. Combined with boxing and kickboxing techniques, woman will truly be empowed by the experience.


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