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“The Thailand trip was excellent, and recommended to all who wishes to come on the next trip.

The weather was hot, like 39 -40 degrees and the training was brilliant.

There were 2 classes a day, one at 9am and the next one after that was at 4pm.

We all preferred the Thai Boxing classes to be honest and I would do mainly the Thai boxing classes again if or when we are to return.

But on the whole the whole trip was absolutely brilliant and I would just like to say thank you to all the boys who came out there with me, as you guys also made the trip what it was”.

Lee Johnstone



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More Medals!

We had 6 guys enter the BJJ comp and came away with 2 medals last weekend.

Mick got Bronze and Dean took silver medal which is brilliant as he has only been Practising BJJ for a very short while.

The other guys put up a great fight but were not good enough on this day to be on the podium (Shame on you all).

Time to train harder and take more medals on the next up and coming competition


Who's The Daddy!

Combat Sports Academy reigned supreme again on the 7th March when competing on the hottest MMA event around Adrenalin FC which was held at Amadeus in Strood, Kent and sponsored by Solo Supplements.

We had 2 losses and all the other guys won which is a blinding result for the team and the Academy in general.

Lee Ambler’s opponent came out all guns blazing causing the referee to stop the fight at the protest of Lee but safety is 1st and foremost and we are sure the guy will rematch him if he wants to.

Mitch Mason had a really bloody war with his opponent Mali which was a stand up battle and went to the judge’s decision in the favour of Mali.

Dave Chapman won the British LHW title by beating his opponent with a triangle and Carl Kinslow beat his opponent with a Guillotine to win the MW European title.

A full fight report will be up on the site later with more details on the guy’s performances.


Ana maria India at the Academy!

Ana Maria India came down to the Combat Sports Academy just before her flight back home to Brazil.

She is a multi time BJJ Champion and she is also a MMA fighter and a Black Belt in BJJ.

It was really great to roll with her and she has fantastic technique and it was brilliant to see how well she moved and let me tell you Ana has a brilliant BJJ game and it was an honour to have her grace us with her presence, Oooooiiieeee


Mick Wins at Judo

Mick Hall won all five bouts the other weekend at the Judo competition to secure a gold medal.

Dave and Graham had tough fights but both really enjoyed the day.

Well done to all of them and congratulations to Ashley for teaching them.


Menne Seminar Report

Saturday 25th Dave Menne the former UFC middleweight champion was teaching a seminar at the Combat Sports Academy.

It was a great day and some fantastic techniques were shown in great detail which made the moves tight.

Dave is a really cool guy and we will definitely have him back in the future, anyone can come to the seminars and if you are serious about the sport then we recommend you attend any seminar lee hosts at the Academy


Mendes Seminar

The Chico Mendes seminar on Sunday 13th December was really great and consisted of a lot of techniques followed by different variations of sparring with other members of the Check Mat BJJ Association.

The duration was about 3 hours in total and was quite enough in all honesty as most of the guys there were tired and in need of food.

Chico was a great guy and had great technique and Lee was put in two wrist locks by him during their rolling session.

The session was ended with a photoshoot and a certificate was handed out to all that attended


Filming on 18th Dec

Friday 18th December the film crew will be at the Academy at 6.30pm to do a shoot.

So all the guys who are going to be in the shoot should be at the academy at this time or before.

We expect the boys will be all looking their best, Especially Dave "How Good Do I Look" Howell


Oooiiee To OZ

Rich had his last training session on Saturday and had the pleasure to roll with Monstro before his journey back home to Australia.

Rich trains in Melborne Under Monstro's old instructor Carlos "Portugese" Vieira and was excited to get some mat time whilst in the UK visiting family  and looked forward to rolling with Monstro.

Everyone at the Academy would just like to say it was a pleasure rolling with Rich and we all welcome him back anytime he is in the UK and of course we will look him up if in Australia


Huge Success

We had an awesome evening on 15th November when the boys all fought at Amadeus in the CAGE FIGHTERS CHAMPIONSHIP and we had 8 wins out of 11 fights which was cool, also Carl Kinslow had a war to win his bout and become the  Middleweight European Champion!

Congratulations to all that fought and we will have the pictures up soon as possible and also some fight footage


Judo Grading

Congratulations to everyone on their grading on Saturday 1st November.


Orange Belt:

* Dave

* David Chapman

* Graham Bond

* Carl Chattingdon

Yellow Belt:



Another Gold Medal

Eduardo steam rolled through the competition at the British no-gi championships this weekend and took gold medal.

Eduardo is one of the Brazilian Black Belts at the Combat Sports Academy for the Checkmat Jiu Jitsu

Well done to Eduardo, Ooossss!


Adam Wins Silver

Adam Watts won a Silver medal at the British no-gi championships this weekend

Again this is is great news as it shows just whate we are about at the Academy.

Well done to Adam on this win and keep up the training!


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