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Jake Debuts on OCt 17th

Jake Make his debut bout on 17th October along with other team members.

Jake has only been training for about 5 months now and we all think he should do ok.

This fight will be at welterweight and we are nearly there for this weight to be easily achievable.

Please ask Lee for tickets to this event as it will be a sell out as usual.


Ricky Wins by TKO

Ricky wins his MMA debut bout by a TKO in the 1st round and even though he gassed a little after a somewhat erratic barrage of haymakers.

All in all Ricky did well and stopped his Greek opponent from taking the fight to the floor by firing in a great knee to the belly and followed up with some wild overhand punches.

Great win for Ricky and a great win for the club.


Ricky debuts on 4th july

Ricky Debut's at the on 4th July when he takes on the heavyweigh fighter from Greece.

Ricky has been training for a few months now and is intending to fight at Lightheavyweight but is currently a heavyweight but losing weight fast!

Then this opening cropped up for him to fight on 4th July and he jumped at the chance!


Team Training 7th June

Everyone who is participating in the BJJ tournament should attend this training session, We will all meet at the new gym at 1pm and travel up from there.!

Please make this day free in your diary as they are not regular training sessions and have been put on for your benefit to help you win gold on the day of the competition


Carl Takes Gold

Carl takes the Gold after winning four bouts in a submission wrestling match on Saturday 30th May.

Dave Chapman loss was suspect as he was not awarded points for sweeping his opponent which would have meant he would have gone to the next round

Adam performed well but not well enough on this occassion as he did not make the medals


Medway Submissions Shine

The guys from Medway Submissions had a great day at the no gi grappling competition and came away 3 gold medals and 1 silver medal

Dayman ripped up his division in the novice category and after only 7 months of training came away with the gold medal

Dave Chapman also tore through his division in the advanced category and took the gold medal home!

Adam Watts showed great form in the advanced category in his weight division and received the gold whilst Bill Proud really performed well and won the silver medal.

Lee Johnstone decided to start competing again and lost on points 4-1 to his opponent Henrique Santana and Mick Hall also lost to his opponent on points


Great Results

We had a great evening  on 25th April with 6 of the team members competing.

Adam had a real war and was in a battle with his opponent who was huge in comparison to himself, so much so that I think he should drop to featherweight in his next bout where he would be much more suited for his body size.

Adam got caught with a huge left hook which KO'd him and gave him the loss, but he

fought so hard and Lee was so proud of him as well as all the guys from the club who was there

Carl had a real battle in which he got really rocked a couple of times and he dropped his opponent too but in the second round he slapped a guillotine on causing his opponent to tap

Sai had a real tough fight but was in control of the fight and took his opponent down pretty much when he wanted too and won on points

chris had his fighter fly over at him like a bull and nearly had a guillotine on him but played it cool and tapped his opponent out taking the win

Jim had a tough fight and ended up winning on points in the 3rd round making his debut win

Dave tapped his opponent out in great style and was voted submission of the night by a independent news site

Carl's fight was also voted as fight of the night by a independent news site

We will have pictures up soon


Rash Gaurds

We have now got the Medway Submission rash gaurds available for sale at £20.00, these are really cool looking and very durable

They come in black with grey piping and there are 5 sizes available.

There are also the club hoodies now available in black with the Skull Logo and these are £20 each, please see Lee at training to order yours now!


Lee Teaches Judo Club

Lee is to teach a judo club some techniques used in Medway Submissions used to take their opponent down and ground control

The class will be one evening in April (date to be confirmed) and anyone from the club is welcome to come down and join in.

Please let Lee know if you would like to  come and train on this one off session


Well Done Lads

Mark, Jamal, Carl and Mick all fought on this event and made us all proud at Medway Submissions and they really did put on a good showing.

Mark had a 3 round war in which he kicked his opponent in the groin a couple of times(One was a bit suspect) and was deducted a point and eventually went on to lose on points but had a great battle and both Mark and his opponent were bloodied and bruised 

Jamal had a great fight and executed a few great takedowns and the fight went back and forth with Jamal tapping his opponent out in the second round with a head and arm guillotine.

Mick made the first move with a great low leg kick knocking his opponent  to the ground and followed that by a few more kicks and after a few tactical moves by both Mick and his opponent Mick ended up on his back with his opponent in his guard and in quick time he swung round for the arm bar securing it in deep leaving the guy no option but to tap out giving Mick the win in round 1

Carl was calm this fight and went into the fight confident against his opponent from Lithuania and every time the guy tried to take Carl down he ended up with Carl on top punishing him with strikes and a few time he tried to leg lock Carl but Carl managed to escape and then he went for a armbar on Carl which was tight but Carl would not tap and punished him with a kidney shot which made the Lithuanian fighter curl up and give up fighting


What a Night

Thursday 19th February evening was brilliant, especially when Lee J saw the look on the guys faces when he walked into the room with Robert Drysdale, followed by Former UFC Champion Kevin Randleman and Joe "Daddy" Stevenson who is fighting in the main event this weekend at the 02 Arena on UFC.

Robert showed his techniques and broke them down so it was easy to understand and Joe was helping the guys to get the move correct and also showed a few variations of Robert's techniques.

What was really cool was Kevin was actually participating in the class with all at Medway Submissions to learn these techniques which showed even a former UFC Champion can learn new things and the fact that you can never stop learning, but also the fact he was down to earth and openly said he wants to learn 


Scott Wins Submission of the Day

Congratulations to Scott

All videos and results will be added soon

Props to Jamal for the flip ti his feet


Club T Shirt and Shorts are Available

We have the club T shirt available for sale at £10 each and come in two styles, one which is with the original logo below and the other is the Triangle T shirt which is available in either white or black

The logo above is the original club logo.

We also have the club shorts which have the original logo on a patch (needs to be sewn on) available for sale.

T shirts - £10 each

Shorts - £20 a pair

We are also having some club hoodies made and some rash guards too


Syllabus available to follow

I have now finished the syllabus requirements for the blue belts

Everyone is automatically a white belt when they join and there are 5 belts in total (including white)

I have the blue belt syllabus available now and will be distributing these to everyone in class.

I would suggest getting a folder to store your papers I will be distributing to everyone at the classes


MMA Sparring Gloves

These Gloves are fantastic quality and are designed perfectly.

Undoubtedly the best design on the market available for MMA today

These gems are available from Lee for £20 per pair


Kinslow shines

Carl made himself a star on 5th september when he fought the home crowd favourite for the Southern Area Title.

This fight went the distance and after 6 rounds Carls opponent looked like.... well he looked like he had fought Carl,event though Carl lost on judges decision


Victory Again

Jamal made his debut  on 18th May event at Amadeus and he proved to everyone there what a warrior he is, Lee Johnstone knew he would do well as he had been putting Jamal through his paces at the club

Jamal did look tired and that was not a surprise as it was his first fight and that adrenalin dump you get is something else which you can only experience by getting in the cage, plus the fact he had a 3 round war with a guy that was about 8KG heavier than him and was in there to fight too.

Also Jamal had injury and illness one after another which made it hard for him to get as fit as lee would have really liked him to be

Lee was so proud of him as he showed real warrior spirit and secured the win

Carl is becoming the fighter Lee said he would and each fight he is maturing and learning and putting the hard training he does each week into practice and unleashes it on his opponents in the cage.

Marshall asked for a rematch against Carl but MMA rules this time as last time they fought it was K1 Rules and Carl won by judges decision, and Lee and Carl agreed to fight catch weight as Marshall was 90KG to Carl's 80KG

Marshall did a good throw but Carl quickly reversed him as they landed and then proceeded to punish Marshall with thundering strikes

Carl put the pressure on his game opponent and ended the fight with a great choke hold leaving his opponent no choice but to tap out

Yet again Medway Submissions prove what a great club and team we are and together we succeed

Thanks to everyone who rolled or trained with the lads in the gym, as without you guys we would not be

You can check the event out on www.AdrenalinFC.co.uk 


VT JJ Comp Success

Today we had a great day out at the no-gi competition, with Adam and Dave both winning medals.

Dave won silver in his weight division and Adam won Silver in his  division and bronze in the absolute, beating Chris by knee bar to achieve this

All the other guys had some great fights too

The pictures are up in the gallery and the fights will be up by 4th August


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