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Combat Sports Academy, Unit 1 Cuxton Road Industrial Estate,Cuxton Road, Strood, Kent,ME2 2BT

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Our MMA program is designed for everyone from the beginner to the pro level.If you are looking for MMA classes in Kent then look no thurther,as we provide MMA lessons in kent. As each person has different strengths in each area, we acknowledge this and work with you to maximize your potential and athleticism.

Our main focus for the MMA class is to help you put together your stand up, take down and ground game. While working with your stand up game we go over how to set up the take downs and also prevent the take downs. When training on the ground we teach you how to deal with strikes. Being able to effectively deliver and defend strikes while on the ground is required in mixed martial arts. We thoroughly go over drills and strategy to make

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sure you are comfortable in all situations.

The sparring in the class always respect the level of each student and the safety of our students is our top priority . While in class, students dont have to hurt each other to learn how to fight. Fight Smarter! Not Harder.

Our MMA class is taught by our head instructor Marcus Vinicius. Marcus has trained and coached many top fighters to championships in the UFC, Pride and many other MMA Leagues. If you want to become an MMA fighter or want to challenge yourself by training and working out with some of the best athletes in the world come by our gymn for an introductory class and see why this is the #1 sport today