The safety of our customers and staff is of the utmost importance to us at CSA and consequently we have put into place new measures to make your visit to the gym as safe and enjoyable as we can. These are difficult times but we sincerely hope that you will ALL come back and train with us which in turn gives us support for the future of the club.

We have taken all necessary steps as stated by the government to provide an enhanced level of hygiene and safety within the club without comprising on class content. We request that you read the procedures that we have put in place carefully and make an informed choice before returning to training.


All class sizes have been reduced to adhere to the permitted number of students to the square meterage of the premises as set out by the government guidelines. We are very pleased to be able to offer individual socially distanced work stations with boxing bags. Whilst we are unable to offer any grappling classes (BJJ or NoGi) at this point we would encourage our members to maintain fitness by attending one of our other classes until we can introduce full contact activities. An exception to this will be for the BJJ same household class which will allow a child to train with an adult as well.

There will be time between every class to allow for thorough cleaning, so please leave the mats as quick as possible. Ventilation will be provided with both the shutter door and the rear fire exit open to allow air to circulate within the unit. We will all use high powered fans where necessary.



All class attendance must be made via the Zen Planner App, either through a monthly membership or on a PAYG basis. This is available via the App Store or Google Play.

The email used must be the same as used on our system. If you don't remember your password press 'forgot password?' to be sent a reset code. If you cannot gain access to the app please email training@combatsportsacademy.net

Classes can be booked up to 7 days in advance and cancelled up to 48 hours before. If the reserved class is not cancelled it will still be taken off your class monthly limit. No refunds will be issued.
No free trial classes are available at this time. New members can book via the app and pay for a single lesson. Should they then take a monthly membership (no contract) an extra class will be added to their membership.


Strictly no sparring, pad work or grappling. The exception to this is for members of the same household bubble.
We will look at the schedule regularly, should there be classes that are proving to be popular we will put 
additional classes on or remove a class from the schedule if there is little or no demand.




DO NOT enter the gym if you are showing any symptoms of COVID 19 or if you have been told to self isolate by the NHS Track and Test team.

Members should (where possible) arrive for their class in their training kit. All items of kit eg boxing gloves and shin pads, spare clothing must be kept in a bag that can be zipped.

Personal hygiene must be observed. Shower both before coming to the club and as soon as you get home.
Clean kit must be worn to each session and washed as soon as you are home.

Members will be required to wait outside the unit, observing social distancing until the doors are opened for the relevant class. Only 2 people allowed in reception at a time.

Hand santiser MUST be applied on entering. Hand washing is proven to be the most effective way to thoroughly clean hands and we would encourage everyone to wash their hands as a first option.
A temperature check will be taken by a staff member. Normal range is 36.1 - 37.2. Anyone with a reading above this limit will not be allowed to enter the gym.

Social distancing must be adhered to at all times whilst in the club.

You will be required to provide up to date contact details including an emergency contact.

Hand sanitiser and cleaning stations are available and should be utilised regularly.

NO EQUIPMENT will be available to use eg boxing gloves, hand pads, shin guards, gi.

Members must adhere to all instructions from the class coach relating to health and safety during the lesson and MUST abide by all Covid 19 procedure in place for CSA. Failure to do so could result in membership curtailment.

Members must vacate the gym promptly via the fire exit door by the main stairs and not through reception
at the end of their class in order for the mats/equipment to be disinfected and dry in readiness for the next session.

Enhanced cleaning procedures will also include regular disinfection of high traffic areas including light switches, stair hand rails, surfaces and toilets.

Members should ensure that they have all personal belongings before leaving the club as any lost property will be discarded.


For children under the age of 8 or where it is difficult for an individual older child to adhere to the social distance rules, a member of the same household bubble must accompany their child onto the mats and will be responsible for their child/children at all times. They do not have to participate in class unless you would like to!

All procedures listed above are to be followed by parent/carers and children.

A socially distanced training station/area will be allocated to each child.

For BJJ the children will be using a training dummy or something similar. Only children from the same household will permitted to grapple.

Due to the limited space for spectators, parents/carers for the older children must wait outside the building during their child's class. Entry to reception is permitted for any administrative needs only. Should there be adverse weather conditions those parents/carers that DO NOT have a car to sit in can wait in the gym area observing current social distancing rules at all times.

BigDogz training is currently on hold.


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