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 A Few Words From Lee Johnstone



Eduardo Avesedo and lee johnstone with students after training


London International Open Gold

i won my BJJ bout today at the Internation London open, i was going to do the Absolute too but ive been ill last few days and did not feel 100% so i decided not to do it!

Anyway just like to say thanks to everyone at the Academy who i spar with everyday, day in, day out, especially mick hall and adam watts, who to me are like my lab rats

thanks to monstro who regulary smashes me an gives me small pointers on my game, making me better each time we roll

Thanks to Mat hibbert the best cameraman in the world, nearly as good as saeeda [she did not record anything lol] .

Anyway Monday i will be back on the mats doing what i love in life = Training

Please call us on 01634 719 867 to book your 2 FREE lessons

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Kids Boxing Classes

New Boxing Class for Kids

We have now started a brand new Boxing class for kids and the first class was very popular.

The class runs every Thursday and ar as follows:

4pm.-4.40pm 9-14 yrs old

4.45pm-5.30pm 4-8yrs old

Please call us on 01634 719 867 to book your child 2 FREE lessons

Check us out on  Face Book too: www.faceBook.com/CombatSportsAcademy


3 wins at UCMMA 40

All 3 win at UCMMA 40

Dayman Lake, Chris Garnett and Tye Palmer all fought at UCMMA 40 in London Saturday 6th September and all 3 looked great as they won their fights!

Dayman and Tye both stopped their opponents in the 1st round in a MMA contest whilst chris fought UK1 and beat his opponent by unanimous decision after dropping his opponent on numerous ocassions

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Click here for Photographs of fights


dayman Lake wins MMA heavyweight  Title fight at Fury MMA

Dayman wins heavyweight Title

Dayman Lake fought at Fury MMA on 12th July and looked  super calm and fantastic as he quickly destroyed his 120kg opponent from Poland in the 1st round.

From a right hand that wobbled his opponent  to the cage, Dayman took his opponent down and unleashed some leather to Polish fighter before he secured the head and arm choke forcing his opponent to tap out.

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Click here for Photographs of fights


Tye Palmer wins MMA fight at Fury MMA

Tye Palmer wins in 1st round

Tye fought at Fury MMA on 12th July and looked fantastic as he quickly destroyed his partner in the 1st round.

From a right hand that dropped his opponent through to the head and arm choke forcing his opponent to tap out it was Tye's fight all the way

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Click here for Photographs of fights


5 golds and a bronze  at the Southerns Open BJJ competition

5 Golds and 1 Bronze

Well done to the kids at the BJJ comp on the 13th July as they all took gold medals, thanks to mat for coaching too

Below are the results:

Brooklyn bronze and gold

Levi gold

Camreon gold

Aman gold

Nathan gold

If you are a junior and would like to train then come along to one of our classes and join in.

BJJ is for everyone so give it a try.

Remember if you would like to start training call 01634 719867 to book a class, your first 2 lessons are free!

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jenny wins silver at the Southerns Open BJJ competition

Jenny  Gets Silver

Jenny who has been training with us whilst over here at university from Ireland  won silver yesterday at the Southend Open BJJ comp, well done Jenny.

If you are a female and would like to train then come along to one of our classes and join in.

BJJ is for males and females, young and old so give it a try.

Remember if you would like to start training call 01634 719867 to book a class, your first 2 lessons are free!

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Cameron  BJJ British Open Champion 2014

Cameron recently fought at the  BJJ British Open and won all his fights and again was the champion for the 2nd year in a row.

Cameron has been winning just about everything recently and really is looking on form and we hope he will continue to perform as well as he has over the last year or so

Remember if you would like to start your child training call 01634 719867 to book a class, your first 2 lessons are free!


Clayton Set to Defend his MMA Title

Clayton McLean is all set to defend his welterweight title on Friday 13th and bring the belt back home to Combat Sports Academy.

Claytons MMA training has been going well and we have been drilling to win woith lots of hard sparring in preperation for this fight.

If you need tickets to watch his fight then call into the Academy ASAP

Remember if you would like to start your MMA training call 01634 719867 to book a class


Neil Adams Seminar Cancelled

It is with great regret we have had to cancle the neil adams seminar

Maybe we can hold one in the near future as Neil is an absolute legend.


Ollie wins at UCMMA

On Saturday 3rd May 2014 Ollie Mathis did Combat Sports Academy proud again by winning his MMA fight at UCMMA by choking his opponent into submission in the beginning of round 2 and proving that our MMA training programme in Kent produces winners time and time again.

Ollie is next competing on 10th May in a boxing event in Gillingham, Kent.

Fancy training? Call 01634 719 867 to book your place and why not bring a friend.


Online Training Videos

Here is our new online training resource and we have a back cataloge of hundreds of videos we are currently added [average of 5-10 a day] and you can use this to refresh your memory on techniques you were recently shown but forgot the small details or just check out a particular technique.

We have everything from Boxing to Wrestling being added so be sure to check it out.


IBJJF Pans Champion

WOW. On 16th February in California we had 2 young lads compete in the worlds most prestigious Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament and youn kayne took 1st place [seen in pic on left] and Cameron lost in the final to tacke 2nd place [ seen in pic on right]

This is a huge achievement and everyone at the academy are super proud of these 2 young lads.



Starting 5th February we have a brand new fitness class starting for all leves and both males and females called H.I.I.T. Fitness Training Programme.

Try this for FREE  and you shall see that you too can get fit with H.I.I.T

Call 01634 719 867 to book your place and why not bring a friend.


Cameron and Kayne Fly to USA

Cameron [10 years old ] and kayne [13 years old] have their flights booked and are all registered to compete in the worlds largest kids Nogi submission wrestling tournament.

Both of these lads have been tearing up the competition in the UK and also won the NAGA European championships in Paris in 2013 and Lee Johnstone is really confident these 2 lads will scoop gold in this tournament.

The lads are out there for about 5 days with 1 of their parents and we all wish them luck from everyone at the Academy.

Bring back the Gold!


Ollie Defends Title

Ollie is set to defend his title on 15th March 2014 at WCMMA in London.

This should be a great fight and of course we are looking to take the win.

Ollie won the title on the last event and looked really good as he showed of his stand up skills as well as his grappling ability.

Anyone needing tickets can get them from Ollie ASAP.

we also have a couple of other fighters on this event so it will be well worth the trip and they are always a great night out too.


Kids Are European Champions

Kayne, Gabby and Cameron went to France the other week to compete in the NAGA Europe event in which there was 2 divisions which was Brazilian jiu Jitsu and the Nogi Expert.

Young Gabby took a silver medal in both divisions and Kayne took Gold and a silver whilst Cameron won both his divisions to take a double gold.

and as you can see the winners recieved these fantastic belts

A really big well done to all 3 of our young students on your achievements


Carl Kinslow the UCMMA LHW champion

2 More MMA Champions

Ollie Mathis and Clayton Mclean both fought on WCMMA for the LW Title and the WW Title and after both guys having a 3 round battle they both came away with the belts, both defeating the current champions in a dominating fashion.

Ollie won his fight with a unaminous decision and clayton won by a majority decision but I honestly think one of the judges must have been related to claytons opponent to score the fight against Clayton.

This is really great for the Academy and it was nice to get these titles at the end of 2013.

Roll on 2014 and you can expect to see some great performances from these to CSA warriors

Well done lads,we are all proud of you both.


Carl Kinslow the UCMMA LHW champion

UCMMA Light HeavWeight Champion

Carl Kinslow Defeated Nick Chapman in less than 3 minutes in what turned out to be one of carl's easiest fights to date.

Carl is now the UCMMA Light HeavyWeight Chamion

Well done Carl,we are all proud of you


Kids Training at the Acdemy

We have kids classes running 6 days a week at the Academy and below you can check the timetable out.




Thai Boxing - 4 to 8 Year Olds



Thai Boxing - 9 to 15 Year Olds




Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - 4 to 8 Year Olds



Brazilian Jiu Jitsu- 9 to 15 Year Olds




Grappling- 4 to 8 Year Olds



Grappling - 9 to 14 Year Olds




MMA - 4 to 8 Year Olds



MMA - 9 to 14 Year Olds




Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - 4 to 8 Year Olds



Brazilian Jiu Jitsu- 9 to 15 Year Olds




Mixed Martial Arts 4 to 14 Year Olds


Street Defence Certificate

Olivia Dyke receiving her Basic Self Defence & Awareness training certificate after completing 10 weeks of training at the Combat Sports Academy .

Well done Olivia and best of luck with your studies at Uni.


Kids Brazilian Jiu jitsu Grading

On friday 20th September we had the kids BJJ grading and it was a great day with many students receiving new belts whilst the others received new stripes on the belts

Here you can see the junior members with their certificates just after the grading

Call 01634 719 867 to book your childs classes now and they too can become part of the team.


Womens kickboxing Classes At combat Sports Academy

Ladies Only KickBoxing Classes

We have a ladies only KickBoxing class every Friday at 10am - 11am

It only costs £5 per class too so all those stay at home mums, ladies working shifts and those that what some fitness and self defence.

No experience is need and Chris is a very experienced coach who will help you with all aspects of your training.

Call 01634 719 867 to book your classes now and become part of the team.


Carl kinslow fights for the UCMMA Title

UCMMA Light Heavyweight Title Bout

Carl Kinslow who trains at Combat Sports Academy will be fighting for the UCMMA Light heavyweight MMA Title  on 5th October.

Carl recently be the UK's ranked number 2 mma fighter at the last UCMMA  in a 3 round war where both fighters gave it their all.

Anyone wanting tickets to see this fight should get them from the academy of direct off of carl

Lets get a big crowd up there and all cheer him on.


Tuff Grappling Challenge BJJ Tournament

There is a local BJJ tournament on on the 10th November at Medway park

All the BJJ Students are encouraged to participate and there is a discount for all academy students so please speak to the lads at the Academy reception asap.


Ollie wins at WCMMA

Ollie Mathis fought at WCMMA on 7th September and showed the audience what a great up and coming MMA competitor he is.

Ollie totally dominated the fight over the 3 rounds to take a relative easy win bringing him to 7-2-0


Guest Instructor on 15th Sept

guys ive arranged for William Abreu who is a brown belt under cyborg to come and take a session next Sunday 15th September at 10am as he is over from the USA.

Below is his credentials:

- IBJJF No-Gi WORLD Champion

- IBJJF No-Gi Pan Am Champion

- 2x IBJJF European No-Gi Champion (weight & absolute)

- GT No-Gi Australian Champion

- NSW Sambo State Champion

- IBJJF Miami Int'l Open Champion

- 3x FFBJJ State Champion

- Pro Trials Champion (weight)

- 5x Grapplers Quest Champion

- NAGA No-Gi Nat'l Champion

- 2012 IBJJF No-Gi World Rankings - 2nd @ weight / 3rd overall)

- Former NCAA Wrestler

- Greco-Roman State Champion

2010 / PRESENT CYBORG BJJ / Fight Sports Wrestling Coach


Team Champions

At the last Tuff GC BJJ tournament we came 1st place in the adult teams and took 3rd place in the kids teams!

Well done everyone, lets train even harder for the next one and take 1st place in both the team divisions


New Classes

Starting from Wednesday 11th September:

BJJ Int & Adv Wednesday's at 7pm-8.30pm

Starting from September 29th we will be adding a team training session every last Sunday in the month at 10am-12.15pm

[everyone who competes or

wishes to compete in the future is welcome to and should attend]

There will be mutliple styles training. eg MMA, BJJ, Wrestling, Boxiing, K1, Sambo, NoGi etc

so everyone can put these dates in their Diary to avoid clashes

September 29th

October 27th

November 24th

December 29th


BJJ British Champion

BJJ British Champion

Cameron Hibbert stormed through his division at the BJJ British Open to become the British Champion.

Cameron has only been training for 18 months and has really fell in love with this fantastic sports

You can see him here on the podium with one of our Instructors after he won.

For the rest of June we are offering one months free training to all junior students under the age of 13 in hope to get more kids like Cameron involved in the sport.

Simply call 01634 719 867 and say the offer you see on our website to take advantage of this


Dayman to fight at UCMMA 34

Dayman V Paul

Dayman Lake is in full preperation for his next fight at UCMMA 34 against Paul Taylor.

On June 1st you can see our team mate compete at UCMMA in London

Dayman is currently ranked 11th in the UK MMA Rankings


Ollie wins his fight at UCMMA


Carl took on "big" Ben Smith at UCMMA 33 and won the fight with a huge left hook wich crumpled smith and the referee stepped in giving Carl a win by TKO

Carl is currently ranked 17th in the UK heavyweight division


Ollie wins his fight at Cage Warriors

Exciting Fight

CW 52 Ollie Mathis smashed his way to victory by rocking, dropping and flopping his opponent around the cage!

he really did look well even without a warm up which had us all a little flustered, after 3 rounds ollie won by unaminus decision 30-27,30-27,30-27.


Kayne takes 1st place at Tuff GC in Gillingham

Most Improved Student

Kayne Issac has been awarded the CSA most improved student award!

Kayne seen here [in the middle of the podium winning gold medal at Tuff GC] has really came on leaps and bounds and has proved this in the Academy and at competitions!

Well done Kayne and you have a FREE CIA Paulista Patch to collect at the academy.


Lee Johnstone with team member Gilberto at Combat Sports Academy

BlackBelt Gilberto

All this month of January we  have Gilberto teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and training at  Combat Sports Academy in preperation for the IBJJF Europeans in Lisbon, Portugal.

Gilberto was a European silver medalist and a Bronze medalsit in the worlds and has incredible technique.

All the BJJ classes are being taught by Gilberto in January so make sure you come along to the classes


Lee ambler the new blue belt adults medium heavy 2012 nogi ibjjf european champion

IBJJF European Champion

Lee Ambler recently fought at the worls best NoGi Tournament run by the IBJJF which was held in Crystal Palace Sports Centre and had 5 hard fights in his division to take the gold medal and become the 2012 NOGI IBJJF European Champion.

This is a really big deal asfar as tournaments to win and again it show the technicall skills and posative mindset that our students get through training at  Combat Sports Academy

Well now you can train too and it really is simple to register

These classes are great and we would reccomend all to come along and get training in this fantastic art.

Call 01634 719 867 today to book your place


Female BJJ Lessons poster

6 Weeks of BJJ Lessons FREE

Ladies do you fancy 6 weeks of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lessons for free?

Well now you can and it really is simple to register

The times are as follows:

Monday:  6.45pm - 8pm

These classes are great and we would reccomend all to come along and get training in this fantastic art.

Call 01634 719 867 today to book your place or you can click here to register


Boxing CLasses Added

We have now got 3 boxing classes a week added to the schedule at the Academy

The times are as follows and are for mixed levels

Tuesday:  7pm - 8pm

Thursday: 6.45pm - 8pm

Sunday:   10am - 11am

These classes are great and we would reccomend all to come along and get training in this fantastic art.

Call 01634 719 867 today to book your place.


Intermediate And Above

We have just added 2 new classes to the schedule starting from the 2nd of July!

These 2 new classes are for blue belts and above in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Monday Eveinings at 8pm- 9.30pm

Tuesday Morinings at 10am- 12 noon.

Great classes for the extra training and the slightly more advanced techniques and stratagies needed as a blue and above


Last Chance

Guys it is your last chance to sign up for the TUFF GRAPPLING CHALLENGE this week, so come on people lets sign up and test yourself.

It is a reall great day with lots of fun and some fantastic matches too

You can check the website out and the poster above has all the details


Club Gi

At last we have a delivery of our Club Uniform Gi's coming in the next few weeks.

We have a whole range of sizes from the 4 year olds to the adults

Call 01634 719 867 to get yourself or your youngster involved in one of the many programmes we offer at our Academy!


Treble Golds

3 gold medals  for our 3 lads we entered in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu event in Bournamouth.

These 3 young lads are really coming on well and everytime they compete this is shown by their performances.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is for everyone and you do not have to compete and competition is not for everyone.

Well done Cameron, Jaidon and Reece!

Call 01634 719 867 to get your youngster involved in one of the many programmes we offer at our Academy!


Call 01634 719 867 and make a Booking now!

BJJ Grading

Guys we had a great day today with many guys getting stripes on their belts and others getting their Belts.

Awarded Blue belts:

Craig Benjamin

craig Rooney

Abdul Hayat

Tony Hughes

lee Howland

Angela W

jack prior

jason russell

Purple belts:

David Chapman

Steve Okeeffe

Well Done guys ,we must all work hard on our games :)

Also i would like to say thankyou to Eduardo who is a a great friend as well as coach who gave up his time to come all the way from Brazil and teach us at the academy!

I will be arranging for him to come and teach again soon in the very near future


Tuff Competition

At the last Tuff Grappling Challenge in Medway Park, Gillingham the guys from Combat Sports Academy did really well.

With numerous adults on the podiums taking various medals from gold to bronze the club was buzzing.

Some of the highlights of the day was when our Combat Sports Kids steppen on the mats show their sumbmission wrestling skills were brillitant and putting on a fine display of this intelligent art to the watching crowd!

Well done guys!

Call 01634 719 867 to get your youngster involved in one of the many programmes we offer at our Academy!


Good Going

We had 7 guys entered the Welsh Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament on Sunday 15th April and they all did really well.

We took 5 medals and 2 guys came 4th place in their divisions

Lee H = Gold

Steve = Gold

Adam = silver

Ange = Silver

Craig = Bronze

Lee A and Jon J came 4th Place, Well done guys!


Ladies Only Fitness

Ladies we have our very own Louise Stevens taking the CSA Fitness class every Tuesday at 7:30 pm.

This is a Ladies only class and Louise has a wealth of knowledge and understanding in the world of fitness and nutrition.

So all the Ladies out there, why not attend the class and and we are sure you will be buzzing to get back to the second class.

Also the first class is totally FREE so you have nothing to lose.

The first class starts on 10th April at 7.30pm and you can call 01634 719 867 to book your place, be quick ladies as this is sure to be fully booked very quickly indeed!


Thailand Training Camp Trip

There is a Combat Sports Training Camp Trip to Thailand on 18th May-3rd June>

Everyone is welcome to go and at the moment the ticket price is around £606 to Pukhet

Please ask at reception for details and to bok your place


BJJ Purple Belt

Richard Is Awarded Purple Belt

Congratulaitions to Richard Chia who recieved his Purple Belt from Lee Johnstone and Monstro The other Tuesday evening

Richard was very happy indeed and also very Shocked too!

Richard had been a Blue Belt for around two and a half years and is very technicall and has now made the next step in his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey

Well done Richard, keep it up


Adel Gets Blue Belt

Congratulaitions to Adel who recieved his Blue Belt from Lee Johnstone on Saturday.

Adel was very happy indeed and also very proud!

Also Lee Howland recieved 2 stripes on his belt last week and craig recieved 1 stripe making their journey a little closer towards the Blue Belt.

Well done guys and keep training hard


Free mma lesson


Now you can train mixed martial arts with the best team around!

MMA Classes in Kent are being taught my MMA Pioneer Lee Johnstone.

Lee has been teaching MMA since 1998 and has taught practically everyone around, Lee has fought Professionally and won his fights, plus fought in many other styles and again won 99% of these tournaments.

Lee is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as a Black Belt is Combat Sambo.

Lee has also produced many champions in MMA for over 13 years and is very proud of this.

Also Lee has produced pound for pound the UK's strongest BJJ team always scooping more medals per team with less competitors.

Call 01634 719 867 to book your lesson


Free mma lesson

Free Lesson

We are offering a chance to train for free during Janruary where you can check out a class and see if it is what you expected.

To get a free lesson simply click on the free lesson button to the left and there you can choose to train in a style of your choice by printing out the coupon and booking yourself into a particular date!

After that all you have to do is show up nd participate, it really is that simple.


Sarah and Angela with their medals

Both Girls Medal

Sarah and Angela, 2 of our female Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students entered a BJJ competition at the weekend and performed very well.

It was Angela's second competition and the first for Sarah, both girls were a little nervous but did the Combat Sports Academy proud!

Sarah Came away with a gold medal and Angela came away with a bronze medal.

It just goes to show that women can do BJJ and also do very well if they wish too.

Congratulation Ladies, see you on the mats


Adult BJ Grading

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Grading

17th December will be our last BJJ grading for 2011, it starts at 12 Noon -1.30pm

It is for Adults and will be a great day and some students will be awarded there next stripe/belt!

After this in the evening we have our Christmas meal at Jade Garden

Please put your name down for this as it will be a brilliant event


Ricky at Bushido FC

Ricky Fights in Bushido FC

Ricky competed at the Bushido FC event in Vilnius, Lithuainia on Saturday 19th November in front of a 7000 strong crowd.

Ricky was in great shape and loked in good form as he systematically broke down his opponent and achieved the mount.

The fight was stood up and they traded punches befor ricky secured the takedown, but it was here the opponent spun around and arm locked Ricky leaving only 1 option and that was to tap out

Ricky did really well and will be fight back on the show in the near future


Kids BJJ Grading at Combat Sports Academy

Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Grading

Tuesday 8th November we had our children's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu grading.

It was a brilliant day which saw some of the children get their new belts and andvance to a new level of BJJ.

The belts and stripes was given out by BJJ Black Belt Lee Johnstone and he was helped by Mick Hall who is a BJJ purple belt

Welll done to every student, you are all doing great!


dee entering the boxing ring

Dayman Lost By JD

We had 3 guys compete at bushido FC on 5th November and fireworks were flying!

Steve fought and beat his opponent with a RNC and Craig Rooney Stepped up a weight division and got caught with a RNC.

Dayman fought for the title and was taken 3 rounds mainly due to him gassing in round 2 and ended losing by a judges decision.

All in all it was a great night and we have ricky fighting on there event in Lithuainia in 2 weeks and Dayman is back out in Russia competing in December


lee Johnstone Awarded His Black Belt

BJJ Blackbelt

Lee Johnstone was awarded his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt tuesday 25th October By Monstro

The team train very hard at the Academy and are all part of the reason why an individual reaches certain goals, levels ect.

Why not start training in BJJ at this academy in Kent and become part of our family.


csa paint balling poster

Paint Ball Day CSA

Guys we have a paintball day for the guys at CSA and we already have over 40 people attending , it will be a great laugh

Please put your names down at reception and book early to avoid missing out

It's going to be a warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MMA event poster

More wins for CSA

On Sunday 16th October at Medway Park in Gillingham

we had a few students enter one of the most prestigious submission grappling events in the UK.

It was a really great day for the students of Combat Sports Academy as we scoped up a number of medals in various divisions.

We were really impressed with Callum Bates who is 9 years old as he won Gold in his division showing what can be achieved with some hard work and dedication.

Well Done everyone.


MMA event poster

MMA Fights in Kent

Looking for MMA in Kent well then you are the luckiest person around as MMA Pioneer Lee Johnstone is based in kent and has been involved in the sport since the birth of UK MMA.

Lee has got a lot of students competing at the Famous Adrenalin FC MMA event which is taking place at the Medway Park in Gillingham on 30th October.

so now you can train in MMA classes in Kent but also get to see your training partners compete.

Please ask the guys at reception about tickets and lets get a big crowd to the venue to support the guys and cheer them on as they enter the cage to take on other teams from around Europe.


bjj gold medalsist from CSA

Great Results at London International

We had a cool wekend with some of our guys and girls entering their first competition!

The IBJJF International London Open Competition was held a Crystal Palace over 2 days.

We had some cool results:

Seth Hoffman=Gold

Dave Hayden= Gold

Angela W=Silver

Adam Watts= Silver

Well done guys you all fought very well!


CSA Dominate At Cage Warriors

CSA dominated at Cage Warriors In Kentish Town London on October 1st!

We had 4 fighters competing from Combat Sports Academy and came away with 3 very quick wins and Tye lost his fight by judges decision after a tough 3 round battle.

You can see the pictures to this fight by clicking here

The next MMA event wil be at te Medway Park in Gillingham, Kent on 30th October and it will be electrifying!


Ricky wins Pro Debut

Ricky Campbell made his debut on UCMMA and won in spectacular fashion choking his opponent out to gain the victory.

Ricky looked good as he backed his prey up against the cage and took him down then transitioned to the back mount and sunk in a tight choke finishing his opponent

Well done ricky you done the Academy proud


BJJ Grading

BJJ Grading

A great day was had by all at the grading on the 14th August at the Academy!

There was a great attendance with new students as well as the long term guys and there was bundles of stripes being given out to the white belts and a few of te blue belts also got their stripes,as well as a few belts being awarded to some students

Below is a list of the guys who got their belts:

Purple Belt:

Adam Watts

Blue Belt:

Barry Russell

Frankie Staines

Si Ashby

Dave Bates

Paul Bates

Congratulations to all the guys who got their belts and stripes, lets keep up the hard work and work towards the next level


Combat Sports Academy- Call 01634 719 867 To Join!

Kids Classes

Kickboxing classes for kids are available on Mondays

Kids love kickboxing and Muay Thai Boxing classes and enjoy the padwork  so much

At Our Academy the children really do enjoy our unique style of kickboxing  classes

Please ask at the reception for more information or call us on 01634 719 867


Combat Sports Academy- Call 01634 719 867 To Join!

Karate Classes For kids in Meway 

Looking for Karate classes for kids in Medway,Kent, well look no further as you have just came across the best Karate school around and we specialize in childrens classes with regular classes starting from 4 years old.

Why not call the number below and have a chat about your children joining the classes

Give us a call on 01634 719 867 to book a lesson


Combat Sports Academy- Call 01634 719 867 To Join!

BJJ Classes  For kids in Kent

Looking for BJJ classes for kids in Kent, well look no further as you have just came across the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school around and we specialize in childrens classes with regular classes starting from 4 years old.

Why not call the number below and have a chat about your children joining the classes

Give us a call on 01634 719 867 to book a lesson


Combat Sports Academy- Call 01634 719 867 To Join!

BJJ in Kent

Looking for BJJ in Kent, well look no further as you have just came across the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school around.

We have boys and girls of all ages and men and women of all abilities too, it does not matter if you are unfit or you wish to gain confidence BJJ will change your life

Give us a call on 01634 719 867 to book a lesson


Combat Sports Academy- Call 01634 719 867 To Join!

13 guys and 10 Medals

Again we smashed it at the Bournmouth BJJ competition and also got the best team Prize!

  1. Dayman Lake: Gold
  2. Steve OKeeffe: Gold
  3. Adam Watts: Gold
  4. Dave Bates: Gold
  5. Frankie Staines: Gold
  6. Paul Bates: Silver
  7. Albie Campbell: Silver
  8. Martin:Silver
  9. Dan: Silver
  10. Ricky Campbell:Bronze


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CSA 3 -Italy 2

On 19th June we sent a small team of 5 guys to fight in a MMA event in Italy and we had 3 wins and 2 losses.

Mick lost on a judges decision and Barry lost by TKO, whilst George won by Guillotine, Ollie won by a rear strangle and Craig won with a rolling knee  bar.

Well done too all the team as well as my life long friend Pagey for cornering them


Combat Sports Academy- Call 01634 719 867 To Join!

Leo Vieira Seminar

We have Leo Vieira Seminar taking place at the Academy on Sundau 18th September

This will be for 4 hours and will consisit of 2 hours of Gi and 2 hours of No-Gi.

It is available to all students regardless of experience and you can do both Gi and No-Gi for just £40 or if you prefer to particpate in just 1 of the sections it costs just £30

I would advise everyone to attend this seminar, you will be blown away, Click Here 


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CSA Dominates Adrenalin FC

We had a really great night at Adrenalin FC and dominated most of the fights,showing time and time again it does not matter what other team we compete against we usually win!

There were so many fights that it is hard to mention just 1 but Dayman Lake prpbably had the biggest scalp as he made his debut against his opponent who was 10:5:1 and finished him in round 1

Well done guys and the photos will be available on here soon.


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New Kids Classes to Start Soon

We have new Kids classes starting very soon.

On Wednesdays we have Tae Kwondo at 4pm (Starts on 22nd June)

On Thursdays we have Karate from 4pm

(Starts on 23nd June)

On Saturdays we have MMA from 10AM

(Starts on 25th June)

Please ask at the reception for more information or call us on 01634 719 867


Combat Sports Academy- Call 01634 719 867 To Join!

New T Shirts In Stock

We have new T Shirts available to purchase from this website for £11.99 inc. P+P or for £10.00 if you buy from the academy shop.

There are some really great looking designs and they can be bought by clicking here.


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Medals In Birmingham

We smashed it at ground control in Birmingham yesterday and the results are as folows:

Mick Hall: Gold in his division and Gold in Absolute

Adam Watts: Gold in his division

Steve Okeeffe: Bronze in his division and Silver in Absolute

Tye Palmer: Gold in his division and silver in Absolute

Jon Jarvis: Silver in his division


Combat Sports Academy- Call 01634 719 867 To Join!

Combat Sports Academy In London

Combat Sports Academy is pleased to announce that we are opening a new gym in Lo...ndon in the very near future

The Building has been secured and the fitting out process is due to start very soon.

And as you can expect from Combat Sports Academy we will have top tuition available from some of the best instructors around.

The gym is being kitted out with the best equipment and will be offering the highest service possible.

This is very exciting for me and cannot wait to get the doors open to the public

Lee Johnstone


Combat Sports Academy- Call 01634 719 867 To Join!

12th June 2011

We have a whole bunch of guys competing at Adrenalin FC which is to be held at Passion night club ( Formerly Amadeus).

This will be a brilliant event and we hope all of our guys win their fights.

Please try to come along and support your team and team mates and cheer them on as the compete for victory.

If you have never been to Adrenalin FC you should as you do not know what you are missing!

Tickets are available from the gym or your friends can buy online via www.AdrenalinFc.co.uk

Get your tickets now and support the team!!!


Combat Sports Academy- Call 01634 719 867 To Join!

8 Guys -9 Medals

Well done to the guys at the BJJ British Open this weekend,

Mick Hall - Blue Middle - Bronze, Absolute Blue - Bronze

Adam Watts - Blue Feather - Bronze, Absolute Blue - Bronze

David Chapman - Blue Heavy - Silver, Absoloute Blue - Gold

Jon Jarvis - White Feather - Bronze

Lee Ambler - White Medium Heavy - Gold

Frankie Staines - Juvenile White U73kg - Gold

Unfortunatley Barry and and Steve did not get on the podium, but I am sure they will next time!!


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Combat Kickboxing

We are starting a new Ladies Only Kickboxing class at Combat Sports Academy!

This class is set to start soon and we have the UK's top female instructor  to teach the classes.

This class is open to women of all ages and fitness levels and will be challenging but rewarding so if you are looking to lose weight, tone up, get fit or gain confidence this class is a must ladies!

You can check back or simply call us to book up now as the class will have limited places and we already have people booking there place


Combat Sports Academy- Call 01634 719 867 To Join!

ATT Trip

Well we have all ben back from the ATT trip in Florida and we had a brilliant time.

All the guys had great fun and learnt a lot of new techniques as well as made a few friends and of course was training on the same mats as all the Pro fighters that train there.

There are a few ictures up o the website and we wil add some more up in the next week.

Click Here to see the pictures


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3 Golds & 3 Silvers

it was a great day fo all the guys who attended the Scottish open on 20th Feb!

7 of the guys flew up to Scotland and fought in the BJJ tournament and came away with 6 medals = 3 silver and 3 gold,!

Mick, Adam and Steve all took gold in the Bl...ue Belt divisions whilst tye, Batsey and Duane all took silver in the White Belt Divisions

Jon Jarvis just missed the medals ,but surley will get there next time

Keep up the hard work guys


Combat Sports Academy- Call 01634 719 867 To Join!

Chico Mendes Seminar

Guys we have Chico Mendes down this Saturday 5th Feb for a Workshop seminar!

It Starts at 11 am till 1.30pm and only costs £30 FOR adults and £15 for juniors

Please book up at the gym asap and pay to get your place for this fantastic seminar


Combat Sports Academy- Call 01634 719 867 To Join!

European BJJ Comp

Well we just got back on the 31st Jan after 5 days in Lisbon in the Europeans BJJ event and it was a great week but with not so great results

Lee lost his first fight in his division by an advantage, Steve got caught in a triangle in his firts fight and Mick lost his second fight on points so were all out of the main event!

All 3 learnt a lot about this competition and are sure they came away stronger from this even though they were totally gutted


Combat Sports Academy- Call 01634 719 867 To Join!

Peter Wins

Peter had a MMA fight on Sunday 31st Jan in Essex and showed very quickly what he was about as he set about his opponent!

It was a very qucik fight with Peter winning by a Armbar within about 1:30sec of round 1

Well done to Peter and Big Lee who was cornering him on this evening, Now its time to train for the fight at Amadeus on the 27th Feb!


Combat Sports Academy- Call 01634 719 867 To Join!

Brazil Training Trip

Guys we have a Training Trip to Brazil on July  and all levels are welcome!

We will be training hard and some will enter the the competitions, of course there is the beach in the afternoon , then the evening to chill ect.

Please let Lee, Mick or Adam know asap,the flights cost £750  so get your money in now and hit the sun!!


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Ricky Wins Title

Ricky Campbell fought on the 5th December at Adrenalin FC for the Middleweight AM title and beet his opponent within round 1 with a armbar which earned him the belt.

It has to be said that Ricky's original opponent did not turn up (this is twice) so Ricky fought another fighter but still deserved the belt

Well Done Ricky lets go for bigger and better in the new year


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8 Guys 12 Medals

We Had 8 guys travel up to Nottingham to enter the Midlands open  tournament.

It was a long but very successful day with the lads scooping 12 medals with just 8 lads.

This was really cool as we had some new guys entering the comp and coming away with medals.

A big congratulations to everyone


Combat Sports Academy- Call 01634 719 867 To Join!

Gold Again

Mick Hall  took gold medal in his division in the English open bjj tournament!

Mick has been gliding through his division at each competition of late and his hard work is payning off.

We are sure his success will continue and he will be victorious over all of his opponents.


Combat Sports Academy- Call 01634 719 867 To Join!


Carl fought on UCMMA on 23rd October and was totally dominating his oponent during round 1.

In round 2 Car made a silly mistake which let his oponent throw a knee which conected to Carl's eye and dropped him.

Carl is gutted but knows this was his fight and he gave the guy a chance and he lost because of it, but will be back stronger and better than ever before...... Well done Carl we are all proud matey!


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Wrestling Classes

We Have Freestyle Wrestling classes on Saturday mornings at 10.30 am  - 12 noon starting from 23rd October.

Neil who is from the USA wrestled in high school and as a young man will be taking the classes.

This is a great chance to train in this fantastic art.


Combat Sports Academy- Call 01634 719 867 To Join!

Leo Vieira Seminar

We Have Leo Vieira at the Combat Sports Academy for a seminar on the 30th October at 10am - 1pm.

This will be a brilliant seminar and we advise everyone to book early.

Click here to Pay Online


David Howell Adrenalin FC Champion from Combat Sports Academy- Call 01634 719 867 To Join!

Grappling competition on 11th December

There is a big grappling tournament in Medway Park on the 11th December.

This is a great format and has loads of division so regrdless of your experience there will be a category to suit you

Everyone should try to enter this competition and eperience the buzz of competing

For more info goto www.TuffGrapplingChallenge.com


David Howell Adrenalin FC Champion from Combat Sports Academy- Call 01634 719 867 To Join!

Great Results

At the weekend some of the guys fought in a BJJ cometition and the results were as follows:

6 guys with 4 Golds, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze medals.

Congratulation guys and lets all work even harder for the next competition.


David Howell Adrenalin FC Champion from Combat Sports Academy- Call 01634 719 867 To Join!

Campbell Fights For The Title

Ricky is fighting for the middleweight title on the 5th December at Adrenalin fc at the famous Amadeus.

This will be a very tough fight for ricky but he is more than capable of winning and taking the belt home.

Everyone should support him on this fight and also help him prepare for this whilst in the gym

For more info goto www.AdrenalinFC.co.uk


David Howell Adrenalin FC Champion from Combat Sports Academy- Call 01634 719 867 To Join!

Howells Takes The Title

David Howells set to work on Sunday evening at Amadeus  Adrenalin FC MMA cage fighting event and totally destroyed his opponent in the welterweight Championship Bout.

David systematically chipped away at his opponent and the fight looked like one way traffic and within a few moments he was standing over the top of his defeated opponent and was crowned the new Welterweight Champion.

David is now getting ready to defend his title on 5th December at Amadeus.

For more info goto www.AdrenalinFC.co.uk


Call 01634 791 867 and train to become a champion Too!!

9 Out Of 10

On Sunday evening at Amadeus we had 10 guys fighting at the Adrenalin FC MMA cage fighting event and we had 9 wins.

The guys did really well and performed great, a big well done goes out to all the lads who fought and a big thanks to the team who helped get them ready.

Combat Sports Academy again proved we are the best!!


Call 01634 791 867 and train to become a champion Too!!

New Video Section

We have a brand new video section.

This is a great area where you can watch loads of material and every week there will be new footage added

Why not check it out - Click Here


Call 01634 791 867 and train to become a champion Too!!

New Site Applications

We have a brand new site with a load of features and applications to help all the members out.

As well as a cool new look we hope its easy to find whatever you want and we have added a members only section where all members can log on and view all that is available in the restricted area.

There is also a new video section being added with tons of footage from guys at the Academy ranging over 15 years.

There is a store being added too so you can purchase merchandise online and there is much, much more being added over the coming weeks so please be patient and check back regular


Call 01634 791 867 and train to become a champion Too!!

3 Golds, 1 Silver & 1 Bronze Medal

There was another team scoop of the medals this weekend at the BJJ tournament whith the boys taking the medals and ripping up the division proving again what a strong team we have at the Combat Sports Academy.

Props goes out to all the guys but a big shout out for Batsey who got bronze medal after his hard training!

Lets crack on with the training for the next competition


Combat Grappling League

Abdul Hiat, Olie Mathius, Chunky,Rooney, Mike Beer, Conner & Marvin all take medals at the Combat Grappling League!

Well done lads, now lets train harder and work on our weaknesses


Call 01634 719 867 to join now!

Taekwondo Classes For Kids

Taekwondo classes are starting up for kids from 1st September and will be on every Wednesday after that Starting at 4pm -4.40 for 5-8 year olds and 4.45pm-5.30pm for 9-15 year olds.

The classes will be taken by Black Belt Steve Okeeffe who is also a former European and World Champion in Taekwondo.

Please ask at reception to enroll your children in this additional kid’s lesson


Steve OKeeffe Wins

Steve fought a great fight in london on the evening of 8th August which lasted less then 2 minutes.

Again this victory is down to the shear hard work put in and the endless amounts of drilling and sparring.

This fight Steve was fit and only had to go a little into the fight but was physically able to go the full 3 rounds at a high pace.

Well done steve and now lets tune up for the next fight at Amadeus on 12th September


Call 01634 719 867 to join now!

Dayman Wins HW Belt

Dayman  is fought  in Dorset on the 17th July for a Heavyweight semi-pro Title.

After a 2 round fight Dayman won by unaminous desicion in which there was no doubt whatsoever that Dayman did not win this.

Takedown after takedown

Dayman grounded his opponent down and totally dominated him but could not get the finish he wanted to get the fight stopped early.

A win is a win and everbody at the Academy are so proud of the Champ, Well done Dee!


2 More Blue Belts

Dayman and Dave Chapman both got their Blue Belts in BJJ on 3rd July and we all would like to say well done lads you both deserve this.

Dave abd Dayman are really coming on well and moving great in all areas of the game.

Also a big well done to all the gang that got their stripe you know who you are!

A big shout goes out to Ponta!! OOOOiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee


Micks Fight In The Finals

Here is Mick’s fight from the finals of the Bournemouth open event in the Blue belt Middleweight division.

It is a great bout and a real chess match which is brilliant to watchand shows whe we have the best BJJ around. 

There will be all the matches up on the site real soon and also a dvd will be available at the Academy store to purchase too.


Call 01634 719 867 to join now!

4 Golds & 3 Silvers

There was a great team spirit as we all competed at the Bournemouth BJJ competition on the 20th June.

All the guys fought very hard and had some great fights and at the end of the competition it was 4 Gold medals and 3 Silver Medals with 8 guys fighting, which was an excellent result indeed again proving why we are the best mma and bjj school around.

The pics are up on the gallery and all the fights will be up on the video section shortly too.

Well done everyone and lets work hard towards the next competition!


Adrenalin FC

On Sunday 6th June there were quite a few guys from the Academy fighting at Amadeus on the fantastic Adrenalin FC event.

The biggest props has to go to Steve Cooke who took on a fight at about 20 minutes notice and had a great fantastic fight against a tough fighter and took the fight to the judge’s decision.

Dave Howell quickly dispatched his opponent and Carl was cut quickly with an elbow causing the fight to be stopped.

Tye had a great fight as did Rooney who both one on decision.

Full write up and pictures will be added soon.


Leo Viera Seminar

On Saturday 5th June one of the world’s best grapplers and BJJ competitors Leo Vieira came to the Combat Sports Academy to give a seminar.

Leo who is also the main guy of Checkmat BJJ showed some fantastic moves with the smallest of details that make the techniques work and it was these finer details which sets Leo apart from other Practitioners.

The seminar was well attended and everyone loved the techniques shown by a superstar in the BJJ / Grappling world.


Gold & Silver

Some of the guys entered the Gracie invitational BJJ Competition ant Seni 2010 and we had Ricky and Dave dominate their division and had to fight each other in the final for Gold and Silver. Dave won and got the Gold with Ricky taking Silver.

Dave Bates was winning his bout when he strangled his opponent with an illegal move being disqualified.

Alexius did not make weight and was thrown out- Watch your weight!!!!!

Seth and Steve lost their bouts but it was good experience and we are sure they will soon be on the podium - Well done everyone.


Kinslow Vs Maguire

Carl’s next fight has been secured for 6th June at Adrenalin FC at Amadeus in Strood.

Tommy Maguire who has 8 wins 2 losses will be his opponent and a tough fighter to beat too, Carl is aware of Tommy as he beat Mark Harrisson on a decision some time ago.

Carl is happy with this fight and is ready to step up and fight the tough Maguire!

Tickets can be bought off of Lee at the Academy.


Team Training

Team training is every Friday at 6pm and is compulsory for all that want to fight.

This will go on until the fight on the 6th June so every person who is fighting or wishes to fight please make sure you book these times in your diary, Lee is giving his Friday's up to train you guys so show some commitment aswell.

The training is totally free too so you have no excuses really.. 

See you in the cage!!


Paul Daley Seminar

Paul Daley came down to the Combat Sports Academy to hold a seminar for the guys and what an afternoon it was.

Paul took the class through a warm up and the skill drills followed by striking techniques

and anti grappling manoeuvres which is Paul’s trade mark.

Everyone was buzzing after the seminar and all had a photo shoot and got Paul to sign his autograph.

free lessons

kettlebell picture

Adrenalin FC

Call 01634 719 867 and make a Booking now!

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Treatment and Prevention of Skin Infections in Wrestlers

The sport of wrestling is very tactile. With every move and every throw comes the risk of obtaining skin infections. The danger of skin infections is a growing concern among wrestlers, parents, coaches, and officials. Prevention and early diagnosis is very important.

One of the most important things to remember is proper hygiene. Athletes are encouraged to shower immediately after wrestling practice or competition. When showering, it is important to use a mesh scrub with antibacterial soap. This aids in removing any unwanted bacteria and infections the athlete might have picked up during skin to skin contact1. Another important prevention technique is to thoroughly clean and disinfect all wrestling mats as well as equipment, including all uniforms and towels1, after every use. Athletes should also be discouraged from sharing such items as unwashed towels and uniforms even shoes and headgear. Following proper hygiene practices and thorough disinfection techniques can greatly decrease the risk of obtaining skin infections among wrestlers.

When prevention is not enough it is important to get treatment of skin infections at the first sign of the infection. The key to this is to know what to look for. Some common types of skin infections found in wrestling include ring worm, herpes simplex, staphylococcus infection (staph infection), and impetigo.

The most common infection found in wrestling is Tinea Corporis, also know as ring worm. Tinea Corporis is actually a fungal infection and not a worm, as the name implies. This skin infection appears red and scaly in a ring formation with a clear center. Ring worm is highly contagious and can develop in many different areas of the body including the feet (Athletes foot), the groin (jock itch), face or trunk (ring worm), the scalp, and in the nail beds2. The lesions may or may not itch. If ring worm is suspected it is very important to begin treatment immediately. Treatments include topical antifungal creams or oral antifungal medication. Treatment should be applied twice daily for 1-4 weeks. Athletes may return to competition after 3 days of topical treatment use2. Lesions should be covered during practice and competition and all equipment and towels should be washed daily.

Herpes simplex is another common infection and, just as ring worm, is an extremely contagious virus. Herpes is a viral infection and often appears as a fever blister, genital herpes, or herpes gladiatorum, which can be found on the face or the trunk of the body2. It enters the body through a break in the skin such ad a cut or mat burn. Herpes present itself as a fluid filled blister on top of red skin. Once the blister breaks open it appears with a crusty painful scab2, 3. There is no cure for the herpes virus but treatments include Valtrex and prophylactic medications. Wrestling guidelines state that wrestlers may not participate in practice or competition until they are asymptomatic, without a new blister for 3 days, or if the athlete has taken medication for at least 5 days2, 3.

A growing infection that has been spreading through out high school and college locker rooms more recently is staphylococcus infection or staph infection4. A recent problem that doctors have found with staph is that some strands have become resistant to antibiotic treatment; this is known as Methicillian Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)2, 4, 5. What was once confined to hospitals is now creeping into high school and college locker rooms around the country. Staph infection is most commonly spread though skin to skin contact but can also be transmitted through sports equipment, work out areas, and unwashed towels and uniforms2, 4. It first appears as a pimple or ant bite. The wound site will quickly grow to a painful boil that if not cared for will eventually bust open producing a bloody puss like substance that is highly contagious2. Staph is very serious and if not treated in the early stages may require hospitalization4. It is vital that weight rooms, wrestling rooms, and athletic training rooms be thoroughly sanitized if there is any suspicion of staph infection to prevent further spread2, 5. Athletes can not be permitted to engage in activity until they have been declared infection free by a doctor2.

Impetigo is yet another common infection found in wrestlers. It is a highly contagious bacterial infection obtained through broken skin such as cuts and scraps. There are two types of impetigo; bullous and nonbullous2. Bullous impetigo appears as damp red skin that resembles a burn that develops into a blister, filled with a clear or yellow fluid. Nonbullous impetigo, which is the more commonly seen, presents with a yellow honey colored crust over a red base2. Impetigo is most commonly found on the face, arms, legs, and trunk. Treatment consists of a topical antibiotic such as bactroban. This should be applied to the affected area three times per day for ten days or until the infection is gone2. For large areas of infection an oral medication can be taken. Athletes with impetigo infections may not participate until all blisters and lesion are completely cleared2.

The most important things to remember are to practice proper hygiene immediately after every practice or competition using hot water and antibacterial soap, keeping practice areas including weight rooms and equipment properly disinfected, and never to share used towels, equipment, and uniforms with out proper washing. It is always easier to prevent infections from occurring than it is to contract and then treat them.